In 2004 I read a book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” that CHANGED MY LIFE! If you have not read it STOP what you are doing and go buy it NOW!

I learned some valuable lessons in that book that taught me about passive income and letting money work for me instead of me working for money. The author Robert Kiyosaki compared his dad that earned a PHD in education to his best friends’ dad that was a business man and investor. By the end of the story his best friends’ dad became one of the wealthiest men in all of Hawaii and his own dad left him with debt to pay. The principals of investing learned in the book were invaluable. By the time I left college I purchased my first duplex that cashflowed around $400 a month. After that I continued to purchase single family homes and duplexes that had constant monthly cashflow.

The power of real estate investing is substantial, especially when compared to putting your money away in a savings account at a whopping 1% interest. Returns of 30%-50% cash on cash return are very common and that does not even take into consideration the tax benefits of owning real estate. Because of passive income from real estate I am able to live a life free from the corporate Rat Race going to the same job seeing the same four people answering to the same miserable boss five days a week for the next forty years. I have control over my pension program because I know the houses will still be there when I stop working unlike the majority of corporate America.

If you want this same freedom and you want to become a real estate investor or you already are an investor and you want to buy additional income properties, contact me and I will make it my personal duty to help you FIRE your BOSS!

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